Your website doesn’t look right in my browser. Parts of the page are misaligned and/or are missing completely, what should I do?

We’ve designed our website so that is viewable on all browsers regardless of the user’s platform (Windows or Mac OS). However, out website is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher – on the latest version of Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox. We also have some elements on our site that require the Adobe Flash Plug-in in order to view. The plug-in is available at – free of cost for all users to download. If you are still experiencing problems after checking your screen resolution, and browser compatibility, please contact our webmaster. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to have your issue resolved immediately.

How do I cancel my account?

If you would like to cancel your NewBandTV account, please contact our account cancellation department at  

I’ve found pornographic and/or other offensive material on a users profile, how do I report them?

Please report these users to our moderators at for review. We will soon be implementing a “Report It” feature to our user profile section to simplify this process, please bare with us.  

What the hell is

We are an online music network that presents its content on a fully interactive website that allows fans to interact with bands as well as other fans. In addition to providing an outlet for music videos of unsigned and independently signed bands, we actively add to out exclusive content by filming live sets, going in the recording studio, and having bands stop by the NewBandTV offices for exclusive interviews and performances. It's basically what music television should be, but what cable doesn't deserve yet. There's a more detailed description of all of our capabilities in the "About Us" section. What are all those crazy terms I see floating around? We got so tired of seeing internet terms like "blog", "forum" and "favorites" thrown around community sites that we decided to spice things up a bit and make our own.

 * Front Row - Your Front Row is how other people connect with you. You use it to make journal-like posts and let everyone know what's on your mind, what show's you are hitting up or what's on your ipod. Then, other NewBand-ers can let you know what they think about that and you can go to theirs and do the same. It's pretty neat.

* Backstage - We like to refer to our forums as our "backstage" area. This is where everyone can go to vent, discuss and gush about all things From what bands you'd like to see interviewed to your comments about our newest music video, you can thread, comment and emoticon away.

* Line-Up - This is where you put your favorite people, videos, bands and songs. Any combination will do, so fill it up until your heart's content and let everyone know what you're all about. Make sure your friends put you in theirs so you know if they are truly your friend or not.

What if I get addicted to

Addiction is an issue that we take very seriously here at It is one that we experienced as a major complaint in many of the marketing studies that we conducted prior to launch. Unfortunately, however, it had been concluded that addiction does not go away. So aside from going at your computer with a baseball bat (but why waste a perfectly good computer?), your only other option is to tell all your friends about That way, you can share your addiction with the ones you love.

Where are your studios? is based out of an office park in Costa Mesa, Ca. Our nearest major landmarks are an Ikea, a Hooters and a La Quinta Inn. Can we stop by and hang out? Sure. Just make sure you aren't soliciting (it's plastered on the door that we don't want any). And bring any assortment of the following: pizza, pogs, obscure movies on DVD, high quality music videos, a band to interview, models, guitar hero skills, a funny hat, old school mighty ducks memorabilia, coupons to local buffets and some water for our money tree, Camille.

I have some free time and love what you guys are doing. How can I help out?

We could always use some extra hands around here. It gets pretty hectic, so if you live in the Orange County area and have some free time, just find someone on the NewBand Crew page that you want to help and let them know how you can. If you don't live near us but still want to help spread the word, email and let her know you are interested and she'll get you started with some swag to pass out.

How can I get my band's music video into the rotation?

Feel free to mail us your music video (see Submissions page for instructions) and we promise that we will watch it. If we think it's worthy, we'll let you know from there. The only other way to get your video on the front page besides impressing us via snail mail is to upload it to your band's profile and tell all your fans to vote on it. Once it gets enough points, we'll request a physical copy from you and put it up there.

I know a band that should be on your site. Wanna hear them?

Duh! We're all about new bands here at, uh, NewBandTV. Email us with any and all new bands that we should get in touch with. If you know them, or it's your band that you are suggesting, we recommend them to have a NewBandTV profile first. It's really a turn on when we see that a band has made some effort to be with us.