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So you want to know about us, eh? Well, NewBandTV is many things to many people. To unsigned and independently signed bands we are the best free exposure that money can buy. To music-lovers, we are an endless supply of fresh sounds and new videos. And to people that love to make profiles and write bios about themselves, we give you a site to be more than just another number and interact with bands and fans alike.

Now I know what you're asking, "How did you come up with such an amazing, incredible earth-shattering concept?"

Well, we here at NewBandTV were tired of mediocre mainstream bands getting all the attention while our favorite underground bands were getting treated like chopped liver. So, we decided to level the playing field and give the new bands that deserve it the chance to get their music to the fans that want to hear it. And voila! NewBandTV was born.

So what you see here before you is an online music channel that is broadcast through our fully interactive website that streams music videos along with tons of exclusive content such as online webisodes for our original programming, webumentaries, in-studio performances, concert footage, interviews and behind the scenes action from all of your favorite and soon-to-be favorite bands.

The best part is: it's all about you. If you are feeling saucy and know what you want to see, you can search for it and watch it on demand. But if you're feeling lazy, don't worry about it! We'd love to hold your hand and stroll with you through the beautiful gardens that are our video library.

So check back often because we are constantly adding new stuff for your viewing pleasure. And if you want to ensure your future popularity, make sure you tell all your friends about NewBandTV.com--the only site on the internet where you can get personal with your favorite bands, watch exclusive content you can't find anywhere else and submit your own videos for possible front-page airplay. It's almost too easy...